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Why Is It Special

Easy to use

We have built a web application, which is called crypto bazaar and it is easy to use for everyone.

Friendly Design

Crypto bazaar has an user friendly design for wide range of users.

Crypt of currency

Additional value of crypto bazaar is crypto currency. You can pay your payments in the crypt of currencies.

How does it work

You can make an order in just a few steps. First, you have to select the category of the products, then you can select the product which you are looking for.

If you are seller, you can easily add an ad. You will choose the category to which yout product belongs, fill out the form and submit the form. If you want to pay in crypt of currency, you can choose currency you prefer the most.

Features of crypto bazaar

Wide range of products.

In crypto bazaar you will find wide range of products in many different categories.

Fast and simple search

Product search is simple, clear, easy to use and fast, because of ouur server side solution.

Topping ads

Your ads can be the first on the list. One thing you have to do is rapid money transfer via crypt of currency.

Cryp of currency payments

Ads in the bazaar are open to many currencies. The base currency is dollar, and others are up to you. You can choose many of crypt of currencies in add form.

Clean design

The modern desing will ensure that you are able to visit the site on diferent devices, which you are using in everyday life.

Overview of your activities

Each of your activities for example, adding or deleting an ad, will send a notification to your e-mail adress.

App Screenshots


Our service is free, but if you want to make your advertisement more visible, then you can use our topping system.

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