Terms of use

  1. 1. The operator’s role is aimed solely to fill the medium between the sites offers and the User. The operator, with the creation of the site and with other tools of communication shares offers to the User with the options of different kinds of goods. After the success of a transaction, a deal is closed between the Operator and the User. All responsibilities connected with the trade are on the User after completing a transaction.
  2. 2. The Operator is not responsible for any of the content of advertisements, ratings or any obligations between Users of each other arising from the purchase and sale of individual advertised goods and services.
  3. 3.The Operator is not responsible for the misuse of the data published by advertisers' offers by third parties.
  4. 4.Basic portal advertising services are generally provided free of charge. Supplementary services are charged. The use of the Advertising Services of the Portal is not conditional upon the use of additional and additional paid services. Additional services and additional paid services can be used in addition to basic advertising services.
  5. 5.Additional services are ancillary services which are not a prerequisite for the use of the Portal Services. These services are available to all Users (Private Advertiser and Business Advertiser), provided they use them in accordance with the Terms. In the event of a violation of the Terms, advertisements will be erased by the Administrator (without refund of the price paid for the additional service); the service is deemed to be delivered in its entirety.
  6. 6.Topping the ad means favouring the ad position compared to other advertisements. This means that the ad will move ahead of other (unpaid) ads and will appear at the top of the categories as well as in the search results. The order is also in the case of multiple heating depending on the start date of the actual heating. Additionally, the advert will be marked with a red "TOP" over the entire ad topping period.
  7. 7.Activating Supplementary Services Paid You can do this by completing the payment of the activation fee using the paybear payment gateway.
  8. 8.The Operator has the right to modify, upgrade, or otherwise modify the Services of the Portal without prior notice to Users as well as without their consent, unless such alteration is a violation of Users' rights.
  9. 9.It is prohibited to advertise on the Portal:
    1. a) products and services that violate Slovak law - such cases are reported to the Slovak police (eg sale of service books, labels, handling of km ...)
    2. b) products or services the sale of which is prohibited in the Slovak Republic and their acquisition was not in accordance with the laws of the Slovak Republic or the User has not all rights (including copyrights) settled therein.
    3. c) multilevel systems, accessory systems, pyramid games,
    4. d) pyrotechnics (except pyrotechnics of Class I);
    5. e) Copying (cassettes, CDs, DVDs and other media), imitations, plagiaries
    6. f) sale of tobacco products, cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, alcohol and drugs,
    7. g) erotic ads, livechats, companions, dancers, hostesses, escorts, tantra massages, erotic services offer, erotic job offers,
    8. h) services of the same content as crypto-bazaar.net,
  10. 10. It is forbidden:
    1. a) advertise one (the same) product or service in multiple locations,
    2. b) write whole words in capital letters except for abbreviations,
    3. c) insert special characters into the ad title or text (@ * # $% ^ & !?, etc.)
    4. d) enter the contact information (phone number, email address, www address, FB page) into the name, text, currency and photo of the advertisement, contact details The user inserts only in the specified place,
    5. e) to add photos that are not directly related to the advertisement,
    6. f) Inserting the "More info in e-mail" form or the like, the ad text space is large enough to fit the full description,
    7. g) If the User presents untrue or unrealistic data, the Operator is entitled to delete the advertisement.
  11. 11. Liability for damage:
    1. a) The User is aware of the fact that he uses the Portal Services exclusively at his own risk. The operator is not responsible for the operation of the Users of the Portal Services, nor for the way they use the Portal Services.
    2. b) The operator has no responsibility for damages that would be caused to the User or third parties directly, indirectly or accidentally as a result or in connection with the use of the Portal Services.
    3. c) The operator is not responsible for damages that would be incurred by the User or third parties due to the impossibility to use the services of the Portal or in direct or indirect connection with this fact.
    4. d) The Portal operator is not responsible for the content of posted advertisements, ratings, and any published content by users, including both text and photographs.
    5. e) The Operator is not liable for the continuous functionality of the Portal, its faultless operation and security. It also has the right to shut down the Portal without any notice and reason.
    6. f) The operator is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to the User in connection with the use of the Services on the Portal as well as due to its malfunction, error, user activity or for other reasons.
  12. 12. Liability for defects and Complaint procedure If you are interested in claiming a paid service, the User is authorized to contact the Operator in writing at office@crypto-bazaar.net.